Tribute & Spoil


e transfer

For Canadian clients and admirers, or international based individuals with Canadian bank accounts, the easiest way to send tribute is with Interac e-transfer to my e-mail,

DO NOT include a memo or any BDSM/kink terms (including Mistress, chastity, owner, cum, etc) in the security question. You will be asked to cancel and resend your deposit. For tributes, include the word “gift” for tax purposes.




For international clients and admirers, payment will be sent through my Live Cam Model Shows profile. It is a safe and reputable site, and the only third party payment processor I will accept payment through. I do not accept Paypal.




Send all giftcards to

My preferred gift cards include:





Buy me latex, leather, lingerie and PVC!




I’d be happy to hear you made a donation in my name to any of the following organizations: