Reviews & Testimonials

These are direct quotes from the feedback messages I receive shortly after my sessions; if you’re inclined, I welcome you to read references from my closest clients and submissives.

Just wanted to follow up and say thank you again!
I knew going in that you would be hot but you’re way hotter (and cooler) than I could have imagined. Have a great weekend and I hope we can play again soon..and carry on where we left off ;)

Also; it’s very refreshing meeting someone down-to-earth in this type of situation so thanks for being open and as lovely as you are.

Thank you for the nice time. I appreciate all the [orginaization] and thought you put into last night. 5 stars if there’s such a rating :)

And thank you also for tonight. It’s hard to express just how grateful I am for people like yourself and these judgemement-free zones you help create. For someone as self-conscious and guarded as myself, having a person you can trust completely to engage in   sexual intimacy with means more to me than I can put into words. I just want to try to express how meaningful and worthwhile your work actually is.

I don’t know when I can see you again, but I can’t wait already. Also when I get paid I’m going to send you some money to top up what I gave you to current rates because you deserve it.

Thank you so much for the session today Mistress. Whether I was in or out of chastity you had me weak in the knees and wanting more every second. You had me melted down and built me back up edge after edge. My body is still trembling from the teasing and the bondage you had me in. 3 more days in chastity is going to be tough, thanks for keeping me in line :).

Thank you for another [expectional] experience. You are beautiful, creative and the sexiest woman on the earth. You are incredible to experience and has the knowledge and confidence at what you do. I feel so lucky to get a chance experiencing you and it’s privilege to be allowed to serve you.

It was the best time of my entire life spent with you.

I’m grateful to you for guiding me through such a fascinating experience in such a bold and seductive way, you are gifted.

I want to thank you for an exceptional experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you. You skillfully guided me through wide range of sensations from soft and sensual to quite harsh and sadistic. Your whispering in my ear made me feel weak and pathetic but you also made me feel safe, valued and welcomed from start to finish.

Awesome, many thanks. Top session ever!

Thanks again!!   I thought about you and our time together the whole drive.  You exceeded my expectations .   You took me to new places and funny thing is - I wanted to follow you there.  Lol [P] I’m already looking forward to our next get together [P] btw - not sure if I mentioned this - but WOW you are beautiful !!  inside and out - love how easy and chill you are to talk to.

Thank you again for an amazing day today! mind was blown! your everything and MUCH more than all the reviews out there!

What an unforgettable experience, thank you so much!

What can I say, it was more than I was expecting and amazing in so many ways. You are truly a very special woman and I’m super happy to have met you, both in and out of the session. All day today I kept remembering parts and smiling. Thank you so much.

From you I learned that subbing is about acceptance. Not enduring your dominant wishes, but embracing them. The moment I was on my knees with my head on your shoulders, was the first moment I have truly surrendered to someone. It was one of the most peaceful moments of my live, I didn’t had any control or any desire to have it. After our session I didn’t felt fake or dirty, but blessed to have met you [P] Because of that I thank you so much. You changed me for better, solved a conflict I had inside of me for years and that’s priceless.

I just got home for the night and couldnt stop thinking about you. I just wanted to say thanks again for everything today, it really was therapeutic and stepping outside my comfort zone for once!

So good to see you yesterday. As always, you being near me has a fascinating effect! You really have a special style!

I have to say I was happy to know You just my last day, because if not I would beg You so hard to become Your personal sissy slave and I do not know if I would be able to say no at any kind of Your request.. You push me doing things I never did before and it was so natural... You have a real predisposition for dominating people.. I loved every single second.