Client since
July 2017

Many dommes use your body as a tool for pain and sensations. Better domes use your body to affect your mind. The best use your mind to control your body. Welcome to the world of Mistress Lilith! Before there is any touch and with nothing more than a whisper in your ear you will be aching with need and fully controlled by her. This is play at a whole different level!

Mistress Lilith intuitively knows what draws you into her web. She uses that knowledge as her tool to slowly strip you of any pretense of what you were when you walked in the door. She then makes you her toy and takes you on a journey of her choosing. She truly enjoys taking your submission and watching you accept her pain. If you can let go, you will be taken on a mind and body ride beyond any quick physical centric play of lesser dommes.

The only way to top an experience with Mistress Lilith is to make it a journey. Over a number of session she tunes her play to train you into her perfect plaything. If you treat her right you will be rewarded with her affection for your submission. This is truly power exchange at its finest.

Mistress Lilith is a 10 out of 10. You need to experience her.


Client since
October 2018

From my initial inquiry I could instantly tell I had contacted the right ProDomme. Mistress Lilith’s clear, concise communication not only made the session set up enjoyable but also put me at ease.

When I entered the dungeon, I was met by a Dominatrix that instantly made me weak in the knees! Mistress Lilith has a beauty and ‘presence’ surrounding her that gives off an aura of authority while simultaneously making you feel accepted. At first I felt shy about explaining my fantasies and desires. I should not have been worried in the least, after talking with Mistress Lilith for a few minutes I went from feeling shy to feeling like I could tell her anything! The environment of trust and acceptance Mistress Lilith cultivates allowed me to drop my walls and give myself over freely and completely to the experience.

When the session began I was not sure what to expect. Mistress Lilith’s guidance through each step was flawless and firm. The feeling of Power Exchange and submission to Mistress Lilith was the most natural, tangible feeling of freedom I have ever had! The phrase, “There is freedom in submission.”, was a phrase I did not fully understand until that very moment! Mistress Lilith’s ability to transition from one scene to the next left me inundated with all of the sensations and feelings I was hoping for and ten times the amount of new experiences I didn’t expect! Mistress Lilith’s innate ability to read me and know when to push my limits left me with an endorphin high I did not even know was attainable! And her eyes, those eyes!... just feeling her gaze upon me made me want to kneel! The session length was four hours. Four hours that went by faster then any other four hour period of my life! I was so overwhelmed with the experience that I instantly booked two more sessions!

To simply say Mistress Lilith is a Practitioner of the Art of BDSM is an understatement. I left the dungeon with an entirely evolved perception of BDSM and its practices. The new feelings that flooded through me confirmed that fighting through my initial fears and reaching out to Mistress Lilith was one of the best decisions of my life! The only other thing I can say is, “Thank You Mistress Lilith!”.

more coming soon