Play Sessions

1 hour 350
1½ hours 475
2 hours 600
2½ hours 725
3 hours 950

Learn more about my play BDSM sessions.

Interested in a longer session? Contact me directly to negotiate extended session rates.
A 50% deposit is mandatory for all first time clients.

Add a half hour of aftercare to your session for $100.

Overnight Sessions

Sunday through Wednesday 1800
Thursday through Saturday 2000

Learn more about my overnight BDSM sessions.

Additional screening and consultation is required for first time clients.
A 50% deposit is mandatory on all overnight sessions.


in person

1 hour 250
1½ hours 350


30 minutes 90
1 hour 180

kik or text

30 minutes 55
1 hour 100

Learn more about the different types of consultation I offer and why I recommend them.

Dominant Dates & Social Excursions

Coffee (1 hour) 250
Lunch (1½ hours) 475
Dinner (2 hours) 600

Events TBD

Learn more about Dominant dates, my social packages, and how to accompany me to events.

Integrated Allowance: Chastity, D/s

For those hoping to become service submissives outside of sessions, collared pets, locked up toys, and other ongoing D/s dynamics that don't suit an hourly structure, I have a monthly retainer option which is tailored to each individual and the needs of our relationship. I welcome you to read more about my ongoing and interactive D/s dynamics.