Sweetheart Sadist | Perverted Princess | Sensual Predator


I, Mistress Lilith, am a sensual predator; a creature of kindness and cruelty that naturally inspires devotion and adoration. Intelligent, intuitive, quirky and deceivingly adorable, I use my warmth and will to get my way with those who find purpose in service and submission. I have a genuine love for creating authentic connections through kink. The power of pain, the power of fantasy, the power of submission... these are just some of the avenues with which I'll wrap you around my little finger...

I am a practicing 24/7, lifestyle Dominant and student of kink for over seven years. I have a passion for BDSM that breathes authenticity and intensity into my sessions. A hedonist at heart and interested in a wide range of experiences, my personal proclivities include power exchange, roleplay, humiliation, degradation, ageplay, taboo topics, strap-ons and impact play. My style of domination is sensual, tailored, teasing and deeply psychological.

I firmly believe it is my responsibility as a Dominant to cultivate space in which my submissives can feel safe in their vulnerability. I highly value consent, check-ins and open communication. I am open to all kinks (within my limits), body types, (legal) ages, races, genders and sexual orientations.

Birthday: October 20th, 1993 | Height: 5”8 | Weight: 125lbs