Ongoing D/s Relationships
& Ownership

I realized I was kinky the day I realized BDSM wasn’t limited to fetish and sadomasochistic play, but also included an entire subset of relationships dedicated to an imbalance of power. Power dynamics and the idea of truly dominating and owning my submissive were what drew me to this world - which is why I identify as a Lifestyle Mistress. For some, an hourly session is enough to fill the need, but for others whose slaveheart is hungry for more, I offer a more involved level of direction, purpose and service.

Like any relationship, there has to be a foundation of chemistry, communication and mutually suited expectations. Unfortunately, tribute is not enough for me to drop a fully formed D/s dynamic into your lap… it has to be built over time by both parties.

I only consider submissive applicants who are patient, respectful, generous, consistent, trustworthy, and fun to play with! Each dynamic is personalized to our mutual kinks, the amount of time we have together on a monthly basis, how long we’ve been playing, and how our natural chemistry unfolds. Only those determined to serve me will have the privilege of doing so.

The only way to begin your journey to become one of my personally owned toys is by booking an hourly BDSM session or a consultation to discuss your interests and expectations. We must have at least 3-5 sessions together before we can truly start to discuss expanding the relationship; after all, after the first few introductory sessions is when the real fun begins…

So what would a D/s dynamic look like?

As I mentioned, every dynamic depends on how long we’ve been playing, financial and scheduling limits, mutual kinks and natural chemistry. To give you an idea of features I’ve integrated into past or present dynamics, I’ve highlighted a few things that could possibly be incorporated or worked toward.

extra engagement

When someone is loyal, generous, and consistent, a relationship often naturally develops. While I’m naturally not someone inclined to texting or social media, I do enjoy engaging more often “outside the dungeon” with my submissive boys who spoil me. Whether it be extra time during a kik text session, the occasional photo, a casual chat, or a random unexpected task or tease - the level of engagement often depends on the level of commitment and development in the D/s dynamic.


Submissives who develop an ongoing dynamic with me often have more opportunity to serve me in genuinely helpful ways. Chauffeuring, errands, leather/latex care, massages, financial contributions and research are just a few examples of how my submissives can improve my life and efficiency. My goal is one day be able to host domestic sessions, for the full experience of personal service.


Contracts are a formal BDSM practice, often used to explicitly outline the expectation of both parties and bind them to their commitment. Generally, I introduce a minimal contract outlining what has been negotiated when I start to transition the relationship from introductory sessions into a more integrated power dynamic. These contracts can include scheduling clauses, orgasm control, general protocol and rules, commitments to either myself or a healthier lifestyle (weight or addiction contracts) — but are not limited to anything mentioned and can be used in whatever way I see fit.


Collaring is an old Leather tradition that speaks to commitment and usually indicates to the rest of the community what state the relationship is in. While it’s fun to slip on a collar and lead someone around, truly given collars generally have great significance and are not presented lightly. There are training collars, which signify the early stages of the relationship and that both parties are evaluating and building the relationship, and ownership collars, which represent a deeper level of commitment, understanding and mutual trust. I don’t give away collars lightly, and they must be earned.

good boy bonuses

I’m not about to disclose details, but anyone close to me knows the unique relationship we have and how it blooms into organic moments of authenticity. I am very particular about who I let into my inner circle, as it takes consistency, communication and growth to get there — but that just means they are genuine relationships that spill out of the confines of hourly BDSM in their own personalized ways. My good boys get their bonuses.

What are the rates for an ongoing D/s dynamic?

Just like the dynamics themselves, the rates are customizable to the engagement level and boundaries of the relationship. I’ve begun to introduce a “retainer” option with particular advantages, etc. These are details that will be discussed while we connect during our first few play sessions.

slave training session packages

You must book me for at least one session before applying for this package, so that I can determine the likelihood of us being a good fit before any commitments are made. From there, the package includes (but is not limited to and can be negotiated):

  • a 30 minute Skype consultation

  • two 2 hour sessions

  • three 90 minute sessions

All sessions must be booked within the same 6 month period - how far in advance can be negotiated. The full package rate is $2500, with a 50% prepaid nonrefundable deposit expected before training will be scheduled. (At this rate, the consultation and an hour is free.) Contact me through my booking form to discuss details that may pertain to your circumstance or negotiate needs.