Overnight BDSM Sessions



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be mine for the night? To be my personal plaything, used and abused and put away to wait like a toy while I take a bath you prepared? To sleep in a cage at the foot of my bed, knowing I was under the covers in nothing but panties, frustrated and excited by the denial of seeing me? Do you fantasize about serving me as a lifestyle submissive? Of having time to relax, and talk, and listen to my stories - while walking around with my butt plug inside you? Of giving me a foot massage while I ignore you, incessantly but quietly craving my nod of recognition, or an absentminded brush of my hand through your hair? Of being my footstool and butler as I watch TV and text with my friends? Do you dream of bringing me breakfast in bed, doing my dishes, and being rewarded with my radiant smile? Do you want to serve me?

DO YOU CRAVE FULLY IMMERSIVE roleplaY? extended bondage?

Or perhaps you crave long periods of time, bound in darkness and silence. Perhaps an hour or three is not enough for you, and you fantasize about a fully immersive experience. One where you can leave your life at the door for an entire evening, where for just a day (or a few) you can melt away from yourself and become my bondage object, or if you’re brave: my torture toy. Perhaps you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be tied up by an intruder, and left to sleep on the floor like a forgotten teddy bear while she takes your bed and taunts you. You can browse all of my favourite roleplay characters and check out my many faceted fascination with bondage for ideas of the experience we could create.


Booking an overnight bdsm session

The default schedule for overnight BDSM sessions is 8pm to 10am, with 6 hours dedicated to play (8pm to midnight, 8am to 10am). This schedule can be modified and/or extended, at additional cost to be determined during our negotiations. You can find my rates here.

A 50% deposit is mandatory to confirm your overnight session and for me to book a location. You are more than welcome to read about my deposit policy. Advance booking is required.

If our overnight session is your first booking with me, an in-person or video consultation is required.

Clients will always be bound, locked in a cage, or otherwise incapacitated while I sleep. I occasionally make exceptions, but never for individuals who ask for them, or people I haven’t played with multiple times.

My limits apply to overnight sessions. I will not be naked or engage in nipple worship, oral or penetrative sex, golden showers scat, illegal activities (underage, bestiality, etc.)