Skills & Kinky Expertise

Every fantasy is different and every session is born from the unique energy of the individuals participating. This is not a menu of experiences, or the limitations of what we can explore together. This is simply a set of skills and proclivities.

Remember! You are always welcome to book a consultation with me if you would like to talk about how they might apply to our session, prior to play.

cuffs, straps, gags, bodybag, caging/confinement, mummification, vacbed, extended, predicament bondage etc.

Cock & Ball Torture
corporal, bondage, distention/weights, castration fantasy, ballbusting, tease & slap, etc.

Corporal/Impact/Pain Play
flogging, caning, face slapping, spanking/OTK, paddling, strapping, bastinado, etc.

guided meditation for relaxation, mindfulness as a submissive practice, heightened stimulation, pain processing, hypnosis to intensify submissive states and identities, etc.

Humiliation & Degradation
humiliating taks, verbal degradation and abuse, objectification, task setting, spitting, filth play, etc.

latex, leather, nylon, velvet, PVC, boots, heels, etc.

Financial Domination
tributes, debt contracts, cash meets, consensual blackmail, wallet rinses, Twitter games, etc.

Forced Bi
strap on preparation, Fem-Male Dom duo, etc.

anal training, anal plugs, strap-ons and pegging, remote control vibrators, etc.

Obedience Training
posturing, high protocol, corporal discipline, Superior/inferior, speech restrictions, eye contact restrictions, task and chore setting, non-physical discipline (lines, lectures, restrictions)

Orgasm Control
JOI, tease and denial, chastity and key holding, etc.

fetish events, subtle public play, Dominant dinner dates, shopping dates

ageplay and ABDL, incest (daddy/daughter, aunt/nephew, etc.), religious, prison/prisoner, teacher/student, puppy play, prostitution roleplay, play rape and consensual nonconsent, kidnapping, interrogation, cuckold, mindfuck, blackmail, etc.

Sensory Deprivation
blindfolds, white noise, (clothed) facesitting, (light) breathplay, immersive bondage, hoods, etc.

Sensory Overload
tickling, nipple play, temperature play, tease and denial, WAM, etc.

foot worship, shoe/boot worship, armpit worship, hair fetish, manicures/pedicures

My hard limits include:

Oral/penetrative sex, being nude, nipple worship, scat, golden showers, illegal activities (underage, bestiality, etc.) — no exceptions.