Toronto Dominatrix



Toronto’s adorable Dominatrix and Mistress-next-door.


For those craving immersive and authentic FemDom experiences.


Whether you seek sensual domination, sadistic corporal skills, to be trapped in bondage or chastity, to indulge the love of latex and leather, your foot fetish, or to learn how to be my strap on slut - I will seduce you and coax out you submissive with my natural and developed skills.

Whether it is your first venture into FemDom and BDSM, you’re an established veteran, a wayward pervert seeking a new experience or a devoted submissive searching for something to dedicate themselves to, you are welcome in the world of Mistress Lilith Haze.

An established professional pervert and Dominatrix, I build my thrills off the exchange of energy that BDSM and kink elicits. I especially love to introduce first time FemDom fanatics to how fun, fulfilling and relaxing seeing a Dominatrix can be.

That being said, those nearest and dearest to my heart are those submissives who truly seek to serve, to be trained, and who hope to be owned by me. FemDom can be such a beautiful, vulnerable, raw experience of intimacy and intensity when two individuals take the time to engage in building their chemistry and trust. While I always enjoy the novelty of a new playtoy for a short session, those looking for a long term D/s dynamic should click here for more information.