first timer’s “Play Pen”


Is this your first time visiting a Professional Dominant? Don’t be nervous - we all started somewhere!

Many submissives seek out a professional for their first experience. Perhaps you’re looking for a reputable Top who has a firm understanding of safety and plenty of technical experience. Perhaps you want to experiment but not commit. Perhaps you’re not yet ready to share your proclivities with your partner. Perhaps you don’t have the time to develop a personal connection that will lead to play. Whatever the reason, I love to be a submissive’s first kinky experience!

Some people know exactly what they want after years of fantasy; some have no idea outside of their general curiosity. For the latter, I run what’s called a “play pen” session! Essentially we experiment with a few different types of play with the intensity customized to your comfort! We can talk about your experience and any reflections you might have, and tailor the session to your interests as they develop. While it can be a fun role to play, you need not be screamed at or beaten to visit a Dominatrix… come explore!

First Timer’s “Play Pen” is always 90 minutes!
Your first session with me is not required to be a 90 minute Play Pen session.)