Lifestyle D/s Relationship

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People often ask me what my core kink is. While I enjoy many forms of play, and there’s a lot of fetishes that tickle my fancy, my primary interest is power exchange. A lifestyle Domme since literally eighteen, most of my experience and research is in Dominant/submissive (D/s) relationships.

Many submissives crave control in their daily life: protocol, tasks, discipline… someone they have to answer to. While visiting a professional for a session can satisfy the itch temporarily, some people want the “LDE” (lifestyle Domme experience)!

I offer (paid) lifestyle D/s dynamics for those seeking something deeper. While obviously there are professional limits, this experience is for those who crave more involvement, more investment, and more communication. Through a combination of live sessions and regular texting/video calls, you will follow my protocol and instructions, and live your life knowing you’re my obedient submissive.

YMMV. There are no defined rates or schedules. Throughout our negotiation, we will discuss the degree of commitment, weekly expectation, customized rates, protocol and purpose, future direction and intention, and whatever else we might need to in order to create a tailored, professional lifestyle D/s dynamic. Curious? Contact me to discuss specifics!