“Why do I have to pay a deposit?”

Unfortunately there is a cancellation culture in this industry which can only be resolved by requiring deposits. While it is the misbehaved that force the well intention through more hoops, it’s my personal experience that clients who willingly pay a deposit without complaint are the most sincere of submissives and some of my favourite playmates. Moreover, since applying deposits as officially policy, I have found myself more engaged in preplanning and negotiation which has lead to more creative and engaging sessions. If you feel you should be excused from having to place a deposit or do not have the ability to do so, do not fill out my booking form as I will not schedule an appointment with you.

Deposits are mandatory for all first time clients, duos, and extended sessions (to be negotiated).

“How do I pay my deposit?”

etransfer (preferred)

For Canadian clients and admirers, or international based individuals with Canadian bank accounts, the easiest and preferred way to send tribute is with Interac e-transfer.

DO NOT send your deposit or tributes to my primary email mymistresslilith@protonmail.com. I have a discreet email that is not connected to my online presence which protects us both. Please inquire directly for the appropriate address.

DO NOT include a memo or any BDSM/kink terms (including Mistress, chastity, owner, cum, etc) in the security question. You will be asked to cancel and resend your deposit. (For tributes, include the word “gift” for tax purposes.)

bitcoin (preferred)

Bitcoin is an anonymous, international and relatively easy method to send money. Download a Bitcoin Wallet app on your phone, look up a local Bitcoin ATM (often found in convenience stores), deposit cash, and then send the tribute to my wallet’s code (provided during negotiation).

I do not accept any other cryptocurrency. Please convert your currency into BTC before transferring funds.


For international clients and admirers, payment will be sent through my Live Cam Model Shows profile. All payments are charged in USD and my rate is NOT discounted to account for the exchange rate. It is a safe and reputable site.


If you are unable to send a deposit electronically, I have two cash options:

  1. Schedule a 2 minute cashmeet in downtown Toronto, for an additional fee of $50.

  2. Send your tribute through high priority mail with a tracking number. The tracking number must reflect its status as shipped for me to book the space, and it must arrive prior to the session to confirm play.


I do not accept payment via any kind of gift card. That being said, I do accept a $100/hr deposit via gift card as a demonstration of intention and then the full rate in cash upon your arrival. (I.E. If you were to book a one hour session, you would send a $100 gift card as your deposit, and then the full $350 in cash upon arrival prior to play; if you were to book a four hour session, you would send a $400 gift card as your deposit and then the full $950 in cash upon arrival.)