What is a consultation?

Consultations are generally talk only appointments, usually to discuss a future session or the possibility of a long term and more integrated D/s dynamic. They are also a great way to get a “feel” for each other, and assess whether you have the desired chemistry. I highly recommend consultations for first time BDSM clients, extended and/or complicated role-play sessions, skill building and Domme training, and on-going dynamics.

 introductory consultation:
meet me before we play

Are you feeling nervous about entering a professional BDSM studio? Would you like to get to know me in a more casual context? I often recommend a Skype or in person introductory consultation for first timers who are feeling nervous about what exactly a BDSM session entails. Not only will you get to meet me and get a sense of my personality and professional philosophy, but you’ll be able to see the space we will be playing in, and discuss at length the intentions you have for your experience with me.

I offer both private (at the dungeon) and public (at a cafe or other location of my choosing) consultations.

Detailed consultation:
for extended and extensive sessions

Do you have a fantasy that you’ve been harbouring for so long it has to be perfect? Are you interested in a highly detailed role-play or specific personas and characters? Or have you always dreamed of an overnight with me, but haven’t yet met me? For extensive or complex sessions, I may recommend booking a consultation purely to sort of the details of your fantasy.

A consultation is mandatory for those seeking an overnight BDSM session as a first time client. This is for my safety and my desire to learn about you so I can better craft such an immersive and extended FemDom experience.

D/s dynamic consultation:
the submissive interview

For those that are inclined to serve me in a more personal, integrated, and service based capacity - I offer separate payment and play structures. Unless a submissive has visited me multiple times and already developed an ongoing understanding of my style of dominance, a consultation is required to get a detailed sense of what you’re hoping to achieve from your submission. While I appreciate all inquiries, I am highly selective of my personal submissive and require extensive interaction and generous tributes to determine an authentic level of compatibility; the submissive interview is to make sure that I am also interested in pursuing a more involved dynamic based on our natural chemistry. If you would like to learn more about how to apply to be my collared submissive, click here.

educational consultation:
domme training and advice for couples

Whether you’ve always wanted to be a Professional Dominatrix, or you want to spice up your sex life safely, you are welcome to book me to teach you a few things! Whether you’re interested in traditional skills (flogging and other impact play, anal play, role-play, etc.) or business tips (what I’ve learned about Toronto’s professional culture and how to succeed within it)… I’m always happy to help!

Couples often invite me to join in their kink and expand their knowledge and comfort! For women who have difficulty or feel shy practicing domination in the bedroom or elsewhere in their life, it can be a comforting experience to hear about the journey of a fellow FemDom! It also often helps dispel a lot of the myths of what a “real” FemDom has to be, and I aim to make you feel happy in your own style - nothing is more authoritative than genuine confidence!

Educational consultation and counselling rates differ from my session preparation consultations. Please contact me directly at to discuss the exact nature of your goals and expectations so I can offer an appropriate quote.

If you are a black or indigenous woman of colour in Toronto practicing BDSM and offering FemDom experiences, I am happy to offer you free consultations, skill share and promotion. Please contact me directly at for more information.