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Toronto Dominatrix



Toronto’s adorable Dominatrix and Mistress-next-door.


For those craving immersive and authentic FemDom experiences.


Whether you seek sensual domination, sadistic corporal skills, to be trapped in bondage or chastity, to indulge the love of latex and leather, your foot fetish, or to learn how to be my strap on slut - I will seduce you and coax out your submission with my natural and developed skills.

Whether it is your first venture into FemDom and BDSM, you’re an established veteran, a wayward pervert seeking a new experience or a devoted submissive searching for something to dedicate themselves to, you are welcome in the world of Mistress Lilith Haze.

An established professional pervert and Dominatrix, I build my thrills off the exchange of energy that BDSM and kink elicits. I especially love to introduce first time FemDom fanatics to how fun, fulfilling and relaxing seeing a Dominatrix can be.

That being said, those nearest and dearest to my heart are those submissives who truly seek to serve, to be trained, and who hope to be owned by me. FemDom can be such a beautiful, vulnerable, raw experience of intimacy and intensity when two individuals take the time to engage in building their chemistry and trust. While I always enjoy the novelty of a new playtoy for a short session, those looking for a long term D/s dynamic should click here for more information.


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Updates & Things You Need To Know

  • I require a 50% nonrefundable deposit before booking the requested session. This has reduced my cancellation rate to zero and allowed me to invest more time and energy into the planning and negotiation of my sessions. I will be moving forward with mandatory deposits for first time clients as official booking policy.




 Find me on twitter @MyMissLilith

Twitter is probably the best place to follow my antics and get a sense of my day to day personality! I love to post session selfies, fantasy sessions, sneak peeks of photoshoots and new outfits, plus regular updates about my availability and other relevant info!

Join me on Mondays for my “Ask Me Anything” open inbox! What have you been aching to ask a Dominatrix about her business, or do you hope to learn a little more about me?


find me on instagram @mymisslilith

While primarily a showcase for my professional fetish photography, I do enjoy engaging with my instagram audience through my stories! I’ll occasionally post polls, Ask Me Anything stickies, session mini videos and updates about upcoming images!





I practice a number of perversions, but these are some of my favourites.
For a full list of my skills and kinks, visit my profile.


sensual domination

Don’t believe what you see on TV, you need not be a masochist to enjoy the seduction of submission. Sometimes the anticipation of a touch, a low whisper in your earn, the agony of being teased and denied is a fulfilling fantasy unto itself. I feed of the power of my sensuality, so you can imagine how much tease and denial is featured in my sessions. Read more here.


I love to step into a character and costume, whether the naughty nurse, the deviant daughter, the bad bad babysitter, the not so innocent little sister, the teacher or your unattainable boss… I love sessions that follow a narrative. Click to learn more about the taboo roles I love to play.

Overnights & Extended

Have you ever wanted to fully immerse yourself in the experience and company of a Mistress? For some it’s about the opportunity to serve in a more relaxed capacity - my plaything and butler, a pet to follow me around. For others it’s the desire to dive into restrictive bondage, fully realized roleplay, intense stimulation. For a few, it’s the opportunity to take me out to dinner, worshipping the woman in me with compliments and engaging conversation… before heading back to submit and sacrifice to the FemDom Goddess. Click here to learn more about booking an extended or overnight session with me.

chastity and keyholding

Whether you’re looking for a long term key holder who will control your orgasms and tease you relentlessly, or you’re looking to strain against your cage while I torment you for our entire session - chastity devices are maybe my favourite BDSM toy. Click here to learn more about my chastity sessions, and what it takes to become one of my locked up boys.

first time BDSM

Are you nervous about approaching a Professional Dominatrix? Have you always been curious but too shy to submit to a Mistress? Almost all my first time bottoms arrive nervous - and every one of them leaves glad they followed through on the experience. Whether you’re interested in pain, pleasure, or want to explore a fetish, allow me to guide you through the world of professional FemDom. Click here to learn more about my introductions to BDSM.

D/s Dynamics and Ongoing Service

For the devoted few, I offer exclusive patron packages for those who have earned a more personal place in my life, while maintaining professional boundaries. Those who are loyal, generous and obedient may apply for the honour of a collar, and eventual ownership. The process to becoming my submissive is not easy nor quick, but you can peruse the application process here.

corporal discipline & pain processing

Do you crave pain? Whether you are a true pain for pleasure masochist, you seek to prove your strength with a trial of endurance, you wish to submit through suffering, or you want to learn how to better handle and manage painful stimuli - I’m skilled with the majority of impact elements and understand how to manipulate my bottom’s physiology to produce subspace. Click here to learn more about the different ways we can engage in pain play.

Strapon and slut training

Pegging is far more common than you might think… which is why I have toys for both beginners and hungry whores! Whether you prefer a sensual experience or one with humiliating overtones, pegging and strap on play is a fantastic way to explore some of the body’s most sensitive nerve endings. Are you curious about exploring anal play?


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Curious to hear the feedback of those who have experienced me? Read over next-day testimonials and references from my closest clients.

And thank you also for tonight. It’s hard to express just how grateful I am for people like yourself and these judgemement-free zones you help create. For someone as self-conscious and guarded as myself, having a person you can trust completely to engage in sexual intimacy with means more to me than I can put into words. I just want to try to express how meaningful and worthwhile your work actually is.
Thank you for another [expectional] experience. You are beautiful, creative and the sexiest woman on the earth. You are incredible to experience and has the knowledge and confidence at what you do. I feel so lucky to get a chance experiencing you and it’s privilege to be allowed to serve you. [P] It was the best time of my entire life spent with you.
From you I learned that subbing is about acceptance. Not enduring your dominant wishes, but embracing them. The moment I was on my knees with my head on your shoulders, was the first moment I have truly surrendered to someone. It was one of the most peaceful moments of my live, I didn’t had any control or any desire to have it. After our session I didn’t felt fake or dirty, but blessed to have met you [P] Because of that I thank you so much. You changed me for better, solved a conflict I had inside of me for years and that’s priceless.